Hello. I'm Ross Fischer.

I am a User Experience Designer with a holistic and collaborative design approach and strengths in user journey mapping, rapid iterative prototyping, and user research.

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Good design always stems from user empathy and understanding.


Design is a hypothesis to be tested with real users.


Get the design in front of users as early and often as possible.


Incorporate learnings from testing, redesign, rinse, and repeat.


No big blocks of text, walls of Post-It's, or tiny, blurry pictures of sketches here, I promise.

WF Home Loans

Designing a mobile web experience to simplify the home loan process.

Patelco app photo


Moving from a .m site to a more modern, responsive design.

Salesforce Logo


Using eye tracking to quantify visual hierarchy.

Leap Motion

Defining 3D hand gestures to control an app store and launcher.

Patelco app photo


Designing a mobile banking app from the ground up.

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